Appalachian League All-Stars

On July 27, 2021, the Appalachian League held its first-ever All-Star Game, hosted at Calfee Park in Pulaski, Va., and held its 2022 All-Star Game in Burlington before holding the 2023 edition in Kingsport. Below are the players named to the teams for those games in addition to recaps and box scores. For the Appy League's postseason All-Star teams from 2005-19, visit this page.

West All-Stars
Player Position Team
Will Bolinger P Elizabethton River Riders
Hayden Cooper P Johnson City Doughboys
Trey Cruz P Johnson City Doughboys
Brandon Decker P Bristol State Liners
Hollis Fanning P Kingsport Axmen
Cole Fehrman P Johnson City Doughboys
Justin Guiliano P Johnson City Doughboys
Turner Swistak P Elizabethton River Riders
Pablo Torres P Elizabethton River Riders
Ricky Reeth TWP Kingsport Axmen
Logan Sutter TWP Johnson City Doughboys
Dalton Bargo C Bristol State Liners
Caleb Berry C Johnson City Doughboys
Tyler Cerny INF Greeneville Flyboys
Tyler Fenderson INF Elizabethton River Riders
Michael Mancini* INF Kingsport Axmen
Jack Mosh INF Greeneville Flyboys
Deniel Ortiz INF Kingsport Axmen
Jordan Austin OF Bristol State Liners
Colby Backus OF Johnson City Doughboys
Nick Barone OF Greeneville Flyboys
Joel Dragoo OF Greeneville Flyboys

* = MVP

East All-Stars
Player Position Team
Sam Broderson P Bluefield Ridge Runners
Ciaran Caughey P Bluefield Ridge Runners
Peyton Consigli P Bluefield Ridge Runners
Andrew Cotten P Princeton WhistlePigs
William Gagnon P Burlington Sock Puppets
Connor Hegan P Burlington Sock Puppets
Mason Ruh P Burlington Sock Puppets
Ben Sieracki P Burlington Sock Puppets
Nicholas Weyrich P Pulaski River Turtles
Colby Guy TWP Bluefield Ridge Runners
Tommy Harrison C Bluefield Ridge Runners
Koby Kropf C Burlington Sock Puppets
Carrington Aaron INF Danville Otterbots
Cade Campbell INF Princeton WhistlePigs
Ellis Garcia INF Princeton WhistlePigs
KaiKea Harrison INF Bluefield Ridge Runners
Michael Callan Moss INF Danville Otterbots
Samuel White INF Pulaski River Turtles
Vincent Fattore OF Burlington Sock Puppets
Kenny Mallory Jr. OF Burlington Sock Puppets
Jesse Robinson Jr. OF Princeton WhistlePigs
Jordan Taylor OF Danville Otterbots
West All-Stars
Name Position Team
Nate Anderson OF Kingsport Axmen
Peyton Basler INF Elizabethton River Riders
Gavin Bates RHP Johnson City Doughboys
Jacob Bockenstedt LHP Johnson City Doughboys
Matthew Cornelius LHP Kingsport Axmen
Brock Daniels INF Greeneville Flyboys
Brandon Decker RHP Bristol State Liners
Eric Erato 1B Bristol State Liners
Hunter Henry C Kingsport Axmen
Jackson Holmes RHP Elizabethton River Riders
Cameron LaLiberte C Greeneville Flyboys
Jack Liberio Jr. LHP Greeneville Flyboys
Ryan Murphy RHP Kingsport Axmen
Avery Owusu-Asiedu OF Elizabethton River Riders
Roberto Peña INF Johnson City Doughboys
Jake Perry 3B Kingsport Axmen
Ian Riley OF Kingsport Axmen
Harrison Rodgers INF Elizabethton River Riders
Collin Rothermel PHP Elizabethton River Riders
Riley Taylor RHP Greeneville Flyboys
Fidel Ulloa RHP Bristol State Liners
Issac Williams Jr. OF Elizabethton River Riders
East All-Stars
Name Position Team
Justin Colon INF Burlington Sock Puppets
Trey Cooper LHP Burlington Sock Puppets
Dylan Cumming RHP Burlington Sock Puppets
Andrew Dye RHP Bluefield Ridge Runners
Jackson Feltner 1B Bluefield Ridge Runners
TJ Fondtain LHP Pulaski River Turtles
Peter Gallo RHP Burlington Sock Puppets
Woody Hadeen INF Princeton WhistlePigs
Jedier Hernandez C Burlington Sock Puppets
RJ Johnson OF Danville Otterbots
Ryan Johnson 3B Pulaski River Turtles
Austin Ledbetter RHP Princeton WhistlePigs
Avery Mabe RHP Pulaski River Turtles
Cole McDaniel LHP Princeton WhistlePigs
Haydn McGeary C Bluefield Ridge Runners
Kole Myers OF Burlington Sock Puppets
Rece Parker RHP Princeton WhistlePigs
Ryley Preece OF Bluefield Ridge Runners
Jevin Relaford INF Danville Otterbots
Tanner Smith RHP Danville Otterbots
Grant Voytovich OF Bluefield Ridge Runners
Rylan Zaborowski INF Pulaski River Turtles
West All-Stars
Name Position Team
Chase Adkison C Elizabethton River Riders
Marcus Brown INF Elizabethton River Riders
Homer Bush Jr. OF Greeneville Flyboys
Jaxon Crull OF Johnson City Doughboys
Robin Fernandez INF Elizabethton River Riders
Paul Gervase RHP Bristol State Liners
Drew Gillespie RHP Elizabethton River Riders
Matthew Golda INF Bristol State Liners
Luis Gonzalez RHP Elizabethton River Riders
Jonathan Hogart OF Greenville Flyboys
Taylor Jackson OF Bristol State Liners
Rhian Mann RHP Bristol State Liners
Bryce Mayer RHP Greeneville Flyboys
Cort Maynard INF Bristol State Liners
Fernando Medina RHP Bristol State Liners
Eddie Micheletti C Greeneville Flyboys
Zane Robbins RHP Greeneville Flyboys
Manuel Rodriguez RHP Elizabethton River Riders
Andrew Ronne RHP Johnson City Doughboys
Sam Thompson UTIL Elizabethton River Riders
Austin Troesser RHP Greeneville Flyboys
Cameron Wagoner RHP Greeneville Flyboys
Joe Vetrano INF Johnson City Doughboys
East All-Stars
Name Position Team
Nate Ackenhausen LHP Bluefield Ridge Runners
Jackson Beaman INF Pulaski River Turtles
Brady Day INF Princeton WhistlePigs
Brooks Ey RHP Bluefield Ridge Runners
Michael Eze OF Bluefield Ridge Runners
Benji Gilbert OF Burlington Sock Puppets
Joan Gonzalez RHP Pulaski River Turtles
Eric Grintz C Bluefield Ridge Runners
Ben Harris OF/LHP Bluefield Ridge Runners
Paco Hernandez RHP Pulaski River Turtles
Ryan Johnson C Pulaski River Turtles
AJ Jones INF Princeton WhistlePigs
Tyler Judge RHP Danville Otterbots
Grant Leader RHP Danville Otterbots
Cameron Leary OF Pulaski River Turtles
Ross Lovich OF Pulaski River Turtles
Zane Probst RHP Princeton WhistlePigs
Lucas Reed RHP Pulaski River Turtles
Dylan Rogers OF Princeton WhistlePigs
Mike Seegers INF Bluefield Ridge Runners
Justin Showalter RHP Princeton WhistlePigs
Jacob Speaker RHP Burlington Sock Puppets
Mark Trotta INF Pulaski River Turtles